Did you know that there are nearly 100,000 new residents entering Arizona every year? It makes it one of the fastest growing states in the U.S. With experience in custom homes and remodels, P4P Construction is a licensed contractor you can trust. We work with some of the best designers and architects in the industry and can make your dream home come to life. With modern technologies, new innovative processes, and countless ideas for new designs, P4P Construction makes your process fun and exciting. We can manage the whole project from designs & permits to finished home. P4P has an extensive experience in Arizona code and knowledge of design and materials necessary to uphold the Arizona environment. If you are looking to build your dream home, enhance your landscape & add a pool, or simply just want to remodel or add to your existing home; P4P Construction can help you with all your needs. P4P Construction guarantees performance and quality by offering a warranty on all completed works, no matter how big or small.

Custom Home Process

P4P will start off by either getting an idea of the home you are looking to build or will review the construction documents submitted. If we start from scratch, P4P Construction can get our team together to help design and draw your dreams to light. Once all designs, materials, and works are agreed upon; P4P will get to work. We take pride in our quality work, best management practices, and communication. We will keep in touch with you the client on all aspects of the project whether good or bad. Our job is to create an easy process for our clients at a fair price. We will coordinate all construction teams to make sure your new home is ready on time, safely executed, and with quality care products. Above and beyond is our nature and we expect nothing less than a satisfied client that would recommend us to anyone.

Pools &

P4P Construction has the design and construction team to make your house stand out. From new irrigation systems, a custom pool and spa, concrete & brick foundations, custom design fire pits and bbq’s, or any other outdoor inspirations you may have; P4P Construction can manage and build your innovations. Sometimes all it takes is a little decorative rock landscape to make your residence stand out. P4P Construction can implement a low maintenance solution for all your outdoor needs or even offer a repeat service for your landscaping upkeep.

Remodels &

Let’s face it, remodels and renovations are a way of life. People need change from time to time and it normally comes by way of enhancing or changing the scenery in their current home. If you had some unexpected changes in life or are simply just looking to upgrade your home, P4P is the right team for you. Our P4P Construction team has completed anything from room additions, kitchen & bathroom makeovers, roofing repairs, to custom patios and balconies. If you can dream it, we can build it. We will walk you through the whole process and obtain permits if needed. P4P Construction is also very flexible as our clients are part of our P4P Family. We can work around family, schedules, and any issues that may arise. As always, safety for everyone is at the forefront of our works and built into our culture at P4P Construction.


P4P Construction is one of the few contractors that can offer you monthly payments and financing through our contract negotiations. This is available for only residential works. P4P Construction also offers third party financing if terms cannot be met through our finance department.