(P4P Construction is a licensed and
bonded contractor)

If you look out your 5th floor window at your office their may be a good chance that you
will see some type of commercial building, whether its a small strip mall or large sky
rise. Those buildings were built by companies similar to P4P. One thing that we don’t
know is if they were built with the industry leading family that P4P has built. Were they
on time and under budget? Were there any safety issues during construction? Again,
we don’t know. One thing that we can promise is that with our track record and
exemplary safety record, chances are your project will be on time and under the budget
with safety at the forefront. We are here to provide you with a seamless process for your
commercial remodel, renovation, or new construction that will meet and exceed your
business needs.


Commercial remodels and renovations are happening all the time. This is because companies are always looking to attract their potential clients with new modern looks or just simply are looking to upgrade a building for future sales. Our recent experience has also shown that companies are going this route to upgrade to greener more efficient options within their buildings. P4P Construction excels in commercial construction and is teamed up with some of the most innovative designers and architects in the industry. We have the experience to manage the flow and quality of the whole project from permitting to punch list. P4P maintains the best practices in all aspects and phases of the project and ensures that everyone of our projects are up to code standards. P4P Construction also maintains a highly skilled team in many different trades. So if management is your expertise and you just want workers to perform certain scopes, P4P Construction is here to help and adjust to our clients needs. Please see ourself-performance page for further information regarding our teams craftsman expertise.

New Construction

New builds can be stimulating! It is always an exciting process whether your an investor looking to build rental spaces or a corporation building a new headquarters. I’m sure, as many of you know; this process can also be very daunting if collaboration and communication does not flow properly. Some of P4P’s management team have seen this first hand on new construction projects like Harkin’s Theatre, SafeWay grocer, an 8 story college campus, and many other projects. P4P Construction uses the best practices and works with some of the best architects, engineers, and developers in the industry. P4P Construction can manage the whole project from start to finish or perform specific works as a sub-contractor. If your an owner looking for a general contractor or your a general looking to sub out specific packages of the new build, do not be afraid to reach out as P4P Construction could be good asset and fit for your needs. Please see our self-performance page for further information regarding our teams craftsman expertise.