Mission Statement

“Dedicated to being the preeminent provider of the 4 P’s while gaining
trust, relationships, and longevity through transparency, quality, and great
customer service.”

Vision Statement

“To be the safest construction company that creates value for our clients, customers, and P4P families” P4P Construction operates both as a general contractor and a sub-contractor in the construction industry. We can provide a turn key solution or perform multiple scopes within the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors. P4P Construction has over 100 years experience combined and thousands of hours safely worked within the P4P Family. P4P Construction puts emphasis on providing the best value and experience for our clients, providing quality products that supersede our customers expectations, and overall creating lasting relationships through transparency and great customer service


We believe in safety and quality above all. This is why we have communication and relationships with many different suppliers to provide the best materials at the best possible price. Depending on our project or the preference of our workers, we provide all American made rigging at a minimum. Some clients want all American made steel, valves, and other materials; in which we can supply at request. At the bare minimum, P4P Construction analyzes and verifies all specifications when ordering and using materials. We also log heat numbers and MTR’s for our clients. We want to ensure the best product for the best price

P4P Culture

Beyond our mission of being the leader of the 4P’s, P4P Construction takes great pride in the culture our team has created. This means honesty, integrity, everyone believes in the vision, and most importantly; to be yourself. P4P Construction firmly believes in family and that you can only manage and work to the best of your abilities, if you are being true to yourself. You may meet or catch our CEO wearing jeans instead of a suit. Alternatively, an engineer wearing a P4P hat. Our culture allows us to be genuine. We present who we are as individuals as long as professionalism and quality are at the forefront. Some of P4P’s values include transparency, innovative, fun, casual, respectful, and engaging to name a few.