(P4P Construction is a licensed and
bonded contractor)

Industrial construction in the United States is nothing less than exploding at the seams. Whether its renewable energy, a warehouse or a distribution facility, and everything in between, P4P construction is the right company for you. Why is P4P the right company for you? Our family of professional management, sub-contractors and self-performing craft can and will meet and exceed your expectations. We strive to supply you with all the resources needed to start, expand, or remodel your industrial environment. P4P’s team specializes and excels in the industrial field as most of our team has worked and managed projects such as industrial solar plants, nuclear plants, biofuels plants, refineries, and many more.


P4P can offer facility maintenance on a long-term contract or simply offer our services to repair, perform a certain scope, or assist with shutdowns. P4P’s personnel excel in industrial construction and can perform nearly all scopes such as pipefitting, welding, iron work, electrical, instrumentation, insulation, carpentry, scaffolding, equipment installation, and many others. If you are looking for quality work, a disciplined contractor, and a fair price for your facility works; Please contact us and let us show you why our culture and team of skilled personnel is second to none


Limited to the industrial sector, P4P Construction offers industrial craftsman on an as need bases. If you have your own management and want to cut the cost of your new construction or facility maintenance projects, this could be a good option for your team. P4P simply provides the specific craftsman your company request at a fair rate. This means you only pay for what you need. We supply the workers, provide benefits, payroll, and all other admin objectives, while you manage the project and materials. The best part about this program is that there are no minimum requirements. If you have 10 tradesmen on site and need to cut down to 5 for budget issues, we will accommodate our client’s needs; no questions asked.