(P4P Construction is a licensed and bonded contractor)

P4P Construction can manage and build all projects related to infrastructure. With our
team of certified and skilled engineers, architects, and craftsman; P4P can design,
manage, and complete the extensive processes from start to finish. Our P4P family has
worked on many infrastructure projects locally such as the I-10 expansion, the 202
overpass, and the Paloma Community Park Project in Gilbert, AZ. Public and private
industries rely on P4P Construction to manage complete projects and lay the
groundwork for all civil and infrastructure works. Below is a sample of infrastructure
projects that P4P Construction can manage or help your team with.

Bridges & Structures

Reservoirs, iron & concrete structures, tunnels, underpasses, girder
bridges, and more.

Utilities and Piping

Electrical, gas, fire lines, expansion.

and Roads

Highway expansion, paving, earth work, side walks, certified
traffic control.

Parks and Recreational

Civil works, landscaping, irrigation, sprinkler
systems, shad & recreational structures.

Site Development

Excavation, grading, retaining walls,
decorative landscaping.


Basins, drains, lines, filters.

Water Systems

storage, sewer, distribution, basins, transmission.